Three Weeks of Thought: Food Awareness Challenge

January 14, 2019



Hey guys! Here are the details on the nutrition challenge starting January 21st:


21 days, $21 with prizes to the top 3.


Goal: lowest score possible. You can avoid points in one of three ways.


Points: Points are avoided each of the following ways.

  • Consume all calories at a table. You get 1 point each time you eat in your car, at a desk, on the couch, walking, etc.

  • No screens while consuming calories. You get 1 point each time you eat while watching tv, checking email, texting, scrolling social media etc.

  • Logging all food and drink. You will receive a point PER DAY if you do not log for a day. We will provide you with a log book to make it easier on you.

A perfect score for a day is ZERO, you followed all the rules. As always, we encourage you to eat Real Food, Mostly Plants & Not Too Much; although that is not the focus of this challenge.


We welcome all questions as comments on social media/email or when you come into the gym for your daily workout.

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