2019 LIFT Open Competition - Team Rosters!

February 12, 2019





The WOD Squad (captain: Jen Wilcox)

Tracey Gray

Arden Mitchell

Luis Perez

Bill Langston

Kathy Hinkley

Larz Hanselman

Len Fusaro

Winni Almeida

Aaron Mueller

Derek Wiggins


WOD Now, Whine Later (captain: Maggie Ross)

Ashlie Donaldson

Josh Richter

Mitch Meyer

Zahira Colon

Margie Cardona

Lane Hickey-Wiggins

Will Childress

Ben Merryday

KC Wilson

Taylor Wagner


The Dukes of HazWOD (captain: James Dukes)

Adara Richter

Jan Colon

Rachel Carter

Mark Gray

Sarah Hartsfield

Pablo Acosta

Carly Johnson

Karla Burgos

Ricky Tinkham

Jamie Daugherty

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