Season's Eatings - a holiday nutrition challenge

October 24, 2018

For the upcoming holidays, we usually celebrate with massive amounts of food - Halloween candy, Thanksgiving dinners, and Christmas cookies. It's easy to pack on the pounds and watch your previously nutritious eating habits drop before the New Year's ball. But what if I told you there is a way to stave off the holiday weight without missing out on a single food-based tradition this season? I'll get right to the catch - you put in a little bit of work on portion control BEFORE the holidays hit. 




Our holiday nutrition challenge - The Zone Meal Plan Nov 1st - Nov 21st


The Goal:

To become a champion at eyeballing portion sizes on a plate (& start the holidays off a little leaner in the process).


The Practice:

We will use the Zone Meal Plan for 3 weeks as another tool used to eat nutritiously for health and longevity. Measuring of all food is necessary for this challenge. Sticking to real food and mostly plants is encouraged, however unnecessary for earning points.


The basics:

$20 fee with prize to top female and male score

Measuring cups and a food scale are necessary (there are several options on Amazon for less than $20)

  1. Send your measurements to Robert via social media, email, or text message

    1. Weight to nearest 5 pounds

    2. Height to the ½ inch

    3. Abdomen - measure at belly button

    4. Ladies - hips at widest point; Gentlemen - dominant wrist where wrist bends

  2. Receive your “block” instructions - how much food to eat each day

  3. Use the Zone Food Block Chart to put meals and/or snacks together (link here)

  4. Earn 1 point per day for hitting all blocks for the day

  5. BONUS - 1 point each day you eat ONLY foods listed on the first page of the food chart (NO unfavorable carbs)


*Fitaid - consuming IMMEDIATELY after working out will not count against you or count as any blocks for the day - you can also drink it with a meal and count one can as one block of carbs


*Ascent Whey Protein - consuming IMMEDIATELY after working out will not count against you or count as any blocks for the day - you can also use one scoop as 4 blocks of protein with a meal


Thanksgiving Day dinner will be a GREAT debut of your new skills, eyeballing just how much mashed potatoes, turkey, and pumpkin pie your meal should contain.

Challenge yourself to start with a balanced plate of zone-looking portions.

(Please do not whip out your scale on the dinner table for accurate measurements!)

If you haven't had your fill of all your favorite holiday treats, go back for seconds.

One thing to take away from the challenge - when you spend 3 weeks diligently measuring your food and following a balanced diet, one day of holiday splurging is OK! 





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