20ATEteen Nutrition Challenge Winners

June 4, 2018

With Murph last Monday, our Summer Nutrition Challenge drew to a close. We had some great effort & results by everyone one, but as with any challenge, some proved better than others.


We want to remind everyone that our nutrition prescription is centered around eating real food, not too much of it, and most of it being plant-based. This ensures a lean and healthy body, free of chronic disease so we can kick ass into our 80's and be a valued addition to our family. Losing 7-10 pounds of fat and possibly losing 1-2 pounds of muscle is much better than gaining 10 pounds of fat on top of 4 pounds of muscle. If you loved your results but want to start leaning towards athletic performance, talk to Coach Robert in the gym. He'd be more than happy to help.


Our winners:

Len Fusaro & Tiara Knowles


Len scored 151 points out of a possible 168. He also lost 12.5 pounds and a whopping 3.9% body fat. If your excuse is you work too much or you're starting to age, Len has proved both excuses invalid. His 10+ hour work days, travel, and fitness into his 40s puts many members nearly half his age to shame. He's in the best shape of his life and is now the lightest he's been in the 3+ years in our gym. Great job Len!


Tiara crushed the female competition, scoring 167 of the possible 168 points. Her only weakness was having a slice of cake her sons made her for Mother's Day. She came in with well-established eating habits, and still lost 4.2 pounds and 2.2% body fat. She's got abs to show for it and is setting a great example for her kids. Starting this early into her life is sure to set her up for decades of health and happiness.


Runner ups/honorable mention:

Jason Diaz & Margie Cardona


Jason scored 134/168 points but made our list because of his losses. 14.6 pounds and 4% body fat. What impresses us the most is almost all of his points were lost on sleep. Jason is a Lieutenant for the Lakeland Fire Department, and kept on track with all his meals despite the group eating mentality at the station. He attends class when able, and walking into the gym when the challenge was over was a shock to everyone there-his body image has changed considerably.


Margie scored 154/168 points and was our biggest loser. Despite only losing 7.8 pounds, she lost a staggering 12.4% body fat and INCREASED her lean body mass by 15.6 pounds. All of that means she lost over TWENTY POUNDS of body fat. Her workout capacity as you would imagine has increased greatly. She can run farther and longer, and still lifts weights like before. She can also now hang from the pull up bar longer during workouts. We knew she was making progress but we weren't ready for those kinds of results.



All of our athletes did great but these 4 separated themselves and will be receiving prizes. Please stop by the gym and see coach Robert.

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