Simple Summer Shred - Nutrition Challenge

June 18, 2017


Nutrition Challenge Details


21 Days

June 26th - July 16th. 



Everyone gets 2 portion control containers to use throughout the challenge. 


1 Female and 1 Male winner will receive prizes that will aid in your continued nutrition once the challenge is over. 


For this challenge, we are simplifying nutrition by omitting everything that isn't real food and eating only nutrient dense foods. You will simply be choosing your foods off of a list provided below and filling the provided containers to measure your portions correctly. 


How To Win


Get the most points!

Point System:

Total Possible Points = 81 points

(Monday - Saturday: 4 points/day ~ Sundays: 3 points)

  • 1 point for hitting your number of meals

  • 1 point for eating clean (listed foods)

  • 1 point for proportions (using the container)

  • 1 point for attending class at LIFT











What To Eat



Coffee & Tea - Fine as long as unsweetened and no milk, not even nut milk.

Condiments - Balsamic vinegar (must be the only ingredient), red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, mustard, hot sauce (check label for additives/sugar), spices, and seasonings are okay (read the ingredients!), garlic cloves, herbs.
Sweeteners - Use fruit. No honey, molasses, maple syrup, table sugar, coconut sugar, stevia, other artificial sweeteners.
Eating out - Avoid it for 21 days. This is a challenge. If you do eat out, try to still stick with the portion guidelines, however there will be no points for that meal. 


How Much To Eat


Let's keep it simple! 

For each meal:

With your portion control container, fill the large compartment with vegetables, fit your protein into one of the smaller compartments, and fit your carbohydrates into the other smaller compartment, adding 1 tablespoon of fat.

How many meals:

We will be using your t-shirt size to determine how many meals to eat each day.



What About FitAid & Ascent 


During this challenge, these are both ok IF you have just worked out. 


*As with any nutrition plan, everything above is a starting point. You can't know how your body will respond, so be flexible and communicate any concerns with us so we can adjust your portions. Remember though, when we are eating at a calorie deficit to see weight/fat loss, it is normal to feel hungry. Make sure you are staying hydrated. You should never be “starving.” Work on timing out meals strategically to help keep you from going too long without eating. You can also save some of your “meal” for a snack.*









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