Workouts for Week of Dec 12 - 17

December 11, 2016



Fundamentum Classes
Build a strong foundation, or revisit for "back to the basics" refreshers at

6am or 6:30pm


Class is limited to 4 people, new members have first dibs, but it's open to every member!

Reserve quickly to save your spot!



Glute Bridges w/ Dodgeball Between Knees

Ring Dips - weight if able

UB Back Squats (80%, 70%, 60% 3-Rep Max)


Bring Sally Up Plank/Downdog Challenge - Take 2!



6:00 EMOM for Snatch Reps

10 Step Lunges

Dumbbell Snatches - alternate arms/rep


6x3 Pause Power Snatches

-reset every rep, increase every set, resting no more than 2:00 between sets


10x3 Deadlifts, rest 1:00 between sets
-start around 50% of max & increase,
jump so you can increase EVERY round

5 Rounds For Time*:
5 Pullups
10 Double Unders

*if you complete your set unbroken:
UB pullup set - add 5 pullups each round
UB double under set - add 10 double unders each round

This is a GOOD workout to do the hardest level of pullup for those who usually need bands!

Thursday - 6:30pm Martial Arts Class


7 Rounds Untimed:

Crossover Strength

10 Stir-the-pots Each Direction

100' Sled Drag (shoulders in straps, walk fwd)



6x2 Pause Power Clean & Push Jerks
-reset every rep, increase every set,
resting no more than 2:00 between sets

6:00 AMRAP:
10 1-Arm Side Stepping Kettlebell Swings
5 Handstand Pushups-deficit if able,
kip allowed



9am Workout

With a Partner - break reps up HOWEVER, only one person working at a time...

For Time:

300 Single Unders

200 Air Squats

100 Burpees

10:30am Competitor's Workout - Be ready to go at 10:30!


8min AMRAP Sx/Rx/Elite

5 DL @ (225/155)(315/225)(365/255)

25 Single/Double Unders

5 Pull-Ups/Ring Dips/Ring Muscle Ups


What kept you in a lower division? Work your weakness in 15:00 (pick one)


*Our training program meets you where your fitness level exists currently and facilitates calculated progress. Our Competitor's Class is either Rx or Sx. Treat it as if you are at a competition and have to rise up to Rx or scale down to Sx.

Individual scaling will only be applied in the comp class for extreme needs.




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