Workouts for Week of Nov 28 - Dec 3

November 26, 2016


Nutrition is the root of healthy living, fitness progress, and aesthetic reward.

If nutrition is a struggle for you or you feel like you've tried everything and still can't seem to get the body or progress you want, keep a food journal for the next 4 weeks. Bring it in once a week for a coach to review and give suggestions of changes that may help you reach your goal!



9-15-21 UB Back Squats (75%, 65%, 55% 3-Rep Max)

Ring Pushups - elevate feet if able

Single Leg Glute Bridges/leg w/ Dodgeball Between Knees


Bring Sally Up Plank/Downdog Challenge



3:00 AMRAP:

6 Jumping Air Squats

6 Wide Grip Arch To Hollow Swings

6 (total) Single Arm Dumbbell Snatches


6x3 Pause Power Snatches

-reset every rep, increase every set,

resting no more than 2:00 between sets


9 Rounds For Time:

5 Deadlifts @ 70% 1 Rep Max

5 Strict Handstand Pushups (use box if needed, plates on top if able)

Thursday - 6:30pm Martial Arts Class


Crossover Symmetry Strength
Back Extensions
Sideways Sled Drag



6x2 Pause Power Clean & Push Jerks
-reset every rep, increase every set,
resting no more than 2:00 between sets

For Time:
Bar Muscle Ups*/Chest To Bar Pullups
Thrusters @ 50% of # from complex

*do bar muscle ups each set until you needto scale to chest to bar pullups


Saturday - Josh & Jen are competing at ZombieWODs...go support them if you can!

9am Workout
16:00 Alternating EMOM for #:
6 Push Press + 18 Single Unders
6 Air Squats + 12 Double Unders
-start w/ an empty bar & increase #/round

10:30am Competitor's Workout
For Time: 7 Min Cap
Row 1k
50 Wall Balls


*Our training program meets you where your fitness level exists currently and facilitates calculated progress. Our Competitor's Class is either Rx or Sx. Treat it as if you are at a competition and have to rise up to Rx or scale down to Sx.

Individual scaling will only be applied in the comp class for extreme needs.




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