Day 8 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 8, 2016


Today's task: Get rid of easy-to-grab temptations.


To make this a permanent solution: REALLY get rid of everything - don't stuff it in a drawer for after this challenge, don't throw it out now and buy more you're next grocery trip. Throw these snacks away and replace them with healthy alternatives (read about that tomorrow). 


Why: Snacking can be great fuel or it can be the reason you can't get to the size/weight/energy level you're looking for. Mindless, unnecessary snacking on candies, chips, cookies, snack cakes, etc. adds up throughout the day. There's probably still a bunch of leftover Christmas goodies around the office. Eating ONE serving...ok. Eating one serving every trip to the copier...not so much. 


Have a jar of candy at your desk at work? Get rid of it. 


Keep spare change in your car for vending machines? Put it in the bank.


Any snack food in your house that won't help you reach any health or fitness goals? Throw it out!


Read tomorrow's post about replacing all of these snacks with healthy fuel!



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