Day 27 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 27, 2016


Today's task: Learn how to get more nutrition out of your foods when you go out to eat.


  • Order sauces and dressings on the side and use as little as you can.

  • Ask to have meats cooked without any additional sauces or seasonings to keep sodium low.

  • More and more restaurants have a healthy/low-carb/weight watcher/etc. section. 

  • Get green vegetables instead of the starchy potato sides, like fries.

  • Skip the pre-dinner bread that many restaurants bring out.

  • Do NOT just order a salad; make sure you've got protein somewhere.

  • Don't eat all of your food if you start feeling full...that's why they make to-go boxes.

  • Don't order dessert or drinks...stick with water.


Why: Going out to eat is NOT off limits when you're changing your nutrition and aiming for a healthier plan. However, due to preservatives and hidden sugars, some things need to be considered and changed to keep you on your path.


To make this a permanent solution: Be open-minded here. Most of the time, when I go out to eat at a certain place, I have a specific meal/taste I'm looking forward to. Your expectations need to shift slightly, because preservatives, sugar, and sodium all pack a powerful taste that you won't get if you're asking for sauces on the side or healthy choice menu items. But they still taste good and over time, you'll start to prefer this taste. 

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