Day 25 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 25, 2016


Today's task: While you're following your meal plan for the day, inquire with your workplace about a possible health challenge or daily health exercise your company could initiate & participate in. If you can start something without a boss' permission, send out a memo and go for it! Make sure there is a clear goal and an easy way to measure it. Here are some ideas: 


  • Weight loss

  • Plank contest for accumulated time

  • Steps walked accumulated over set time

  • Daily 5:00 Meditation/Quiet time to destress - turn off lights, phones, and computers and breathe!

  • Lunch food check for nutrition & health


Why: Staying on a healthy path is always easier when you're surrounded by others striving for the same thing.


To make this a permanent solution: Do monthly/quarterly challenges and make them different every time to keep things fresh. Always try for some prize, no matter how silly or small. Keep accountability with co-workers and instill weekly check points. Ask around the office to see if there's any specific goals people would like to achieve or even health tips they have to may have a co-worker who could lead a short yoga session every Friday or a health nut who could share daily recipes.

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