Day 24 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 24, 2016


Today's task: Look at your meal plan for this week. Find any meals that have a * by them (because they take extra prepping). What prep work can be done today? Here's a link to 12 meal prep ideas.


Why: If you have to prepare every meal from nothing, you will NOT stick to eating what you have at home. Unless you are a housewife with no children or pets, you have a maid to clean, and you love cooking.


To make this a permanent solution: Don't overburden yourself with meal prep. Set a timer for an hour or two, whatever amount of time you feel comfortable spending on this, and do what you can. Meal prep to prepare for a few days, plan to go to a sit down dinner Thursday for a break, and do Friday with no prepping - finish off the leftovers or cook from a box. Then, start again on the weekend.

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