Day 23 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 23, 2016


Today's task: Start this week's meal plan. Click here for several template options. To start, plan breakfast for every day. Then lunch. Then dinner. Then snacks. Put a * next to any meals that need extra preparing (chopping of veggies, overnight soak, etc.). Now, write down the items you need to purchase from the grocery store and add them to your list from yesterday. Go pick them up and add them to your organized kitchen!


Why: Planning is key to eating healthy from your own kitchen. The benefits include, but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • less eating out

  • less food waste due to spoilage

  • regular eating schedule and food helps regulate the digestive system

  • healthier foods easier to consume

  • pride in your nutrition

  • opens the door for creativity in the kitchen


To make this a permanent solution: Don't overtax yourself by putting fancy meals you dream of making. Start simple and repeat easy meals until you get the hang of it. My breakfast is relatively the same every morning because I'm not awake enough to get creative and I just want to go through the motions of habit. Picking at least one meal that is the same or very easy every day makes this process a lot more doable.

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