Day 22 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 22, 2016


Today's task: Clean out and organize your kitchen to make room for fresh stock and ease of access. Throw away anything expired. Give away anything you know you won't eat. Move things that are about to expire to the front. As you do this, keep a notepad handy to write down a grocery list of expired items you need to replace and items you see are missing for staple recipes or recipes you would like to try. KEEP THIS LIST HANDY FOR TOMORROW - DON'T GO GROCERY SHOPPING YET IF YOU CAN HELP IT.


Why: Ever walk into your kitchen, look at the full fridge, full freezer, and full pantry and go "there's nothing to eat in here!"? Our food needs to look appealing to us to keep us from buying food someone else already made. Just like a department store keeps up with the latest in-season items, we need to update our kitchen's supply regularly. And, also just like a department store, everything needs to be easily accessable to keep us from going out and buying prepared food that we could've made at home. If only we could see that all the ingredients for a pizza are right in our cabinet...


To make this a permanent solution: Do this regularly (every week, every month, whatever works for you). Take stock of what your kitchen has to offer, get rid of unnecessary or expired items, move foods that will go bad soon to the front to remind you to use them, and make room for all the items you write on your grocery list. There are even apps to help you keep an organized kitchen - click here.


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