Day 19 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 19, 2016

Today's task: Stretch at your desk!


Why: The lack of movement in our society carries with it a lot of health issues - stiff muscles cause chronic pain and a downward spiral that leads to the inability to perform daily tasks like tying your shoes, bending over to shave your legs, being able to raise your arm to get to the top shelf, etc. Most of the time, people wait to address pain when it becomes unbearable instead of preventing it in the first place. Daily stretching is a great way to prevent pain and stiffness (and a home health aid later in life). 


To make this a permanent solution: Set a time every day to do a few stretches at your desk. Or, better yet, at the top of every hour, do one stretch for just a minute or two, moving through different stretches as the day goes on. Here is a link to some stretches that can be done while seated, along with the picture below that is great for the legs and hips! 


Click here for stretches to do at work.



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