Member's Story: Kathy Hinkley

September 28, 2016

Kathy with her husband and granddaughter, leading an active lifestyle outside of the gym.



What Kathy has to say:

I started LIFT about 2 & 1/2 years ago. I have always done some sort of workout and tried to eat healthy. The older I have gotten the more my metabolism has slowed down. The things I used to do to maintain my weight were not working anymore. So I started looking for a personal trainer, because I just need some kind of guidance. There were a lot of crossfit websites, and I had seen some fitness gym signs around town but always thought it would be very hard for me since having lower back issues all my life. I decided I would at least check one out. I looked for one close to my work and home and that’s how I found LIFT. New places are very hard for me (if anyone hasn’t noticed, I am a very quiet and shy person). All of the coaches at LIFT have made it much easier for me and they help me train at my own level. Kayla is always thinking of all who workout and their individual needs with stretches or techniques for each person's abilities. Really, everyone is helpful if they see someone struggling with technique and everyone is also encouraging others in their workouts. I really found out how out of shape I was after starting and my gains seem to be very slow to me, but it’s better than the alternative. The important thing for me is to try and stay as healthy as I can. I see first hand every day what not eating well and not getting exercise can do to someone. My mom lives with me, she has had 2 strokes and a heart attack. She has always struggled with her weight and for some years did no kind of exercise and not much physical activity at all. LIFT helps me stay strong physically and mentally to help balance out my life between working full time, taking care of my mom and taking care of my granddaughter on the weekends while staying active with my husband and enjoying the things we have been doing for years. Because of exercise and healthy eating, I don't struggle physically as so many people in my age group do. I really appreciate all the hard work the coaches do and the new friends I have made at LIFT.


Kathy with her granddaughter!



What her coaches have to say: When Kathy first tried us out, we were crossing our fingers hoping she would stick with it. The older you start something, the harder those first steps are and she stuck out the beginning challenges like a champ! After watching her movements, we realized that some hip imbalance was probably the culprit to a lot of pain she was experiencing...pain that has subsided since working out with us. So, we worked with her and she worked on her body - stretching, extra rehab-like exercises - and has improved in her overall movements so well that she has been able to lift more weight that was before too uncomfortable to accomplish. It has been such a pleasure to help her find ways of managing or eliminating aches and pains so she can keep up with all of her responsibilities and stay as active as she is with her family. She is an inspiration to everyone who sees her, whether she's climbing the rope or doing extra work off in the corner. She is one of the women in the gym who make us girls say "when I get to be her age, I hope I can do that and look like that...wait, I wish I did now!"





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