Workouts for Week of August 8th - 13th

August 5, 2016

We will be hosting our 2nd annual Downtown SMAshdown to smash SMA, bring awareness, and use our muscles because we can!


Check out our event page & register here:



Front Squat (all reps with a 3 count pause in the bottom): 3x3@70%

with weighted breaths

5 Ring Muscle Ups (or transitions)

--finish with a set of 10 Front Squats


For Reps:

:90 ME Wall Balls*+:30 Rest

:90 ME Russian Kettlebell Swings*+:30 Rest

:60 ME Wall Balls*+:30 Rest

:60 ME Russian Kettlebell Swings*+:30 Rest

:30 ME Wall Balls (all out)

:30 ME Russian Kettlebell Swings (all out)

---2:00 REST--- 200 Meter Walk w/ Kettlebell in one hand (farmer's carry) & medball on opposite shoulder, switch sides at 100 Meter Turnaround

*Every 6 reps, let the medball fall to the ground/set the kettlebell down.



Bench Press
80% x 5 reps
87.5% x 4 reps
95% x 3 reps
Light Rows
Step Up Jump Downs (on other side) w/ Medball ON 20' BOXES

5 Rounds For Time:
6 Ring Dips
30 Double Unders


15:00 To Find Overhead Squat Max


12:00 AMRAP:

4 Hang Power Snatches @ 50% OHS Max

4 Bar Muscle Ups/Chest to bar Pullups

400 Meter Run

Thursday *Special Ju Jutsu Class at 6:30pm!*

Deadlift: 3x5@85%

Max Effort Set of Pullups Any Style



15:00 for 5 Sets of the following complex @75% Max Thruster:
Power Clean+Thruster+Jerk (any style)

12:00 Alternating EMOM:
12 Box Jumps
Strict Pullups*

*First round, start w/ 8 reps & decrease reps each round by 1.


Saturday - 9am FREE Class

TBA - will post Friday afternoon!



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