Member's Story: Janel Vasallo

July 21, 2016

Janel, doing her favorite gym activity...LIFTING HEAVY!



What Janel has to say:

I've been with LIFT since 2013, when I first moved to Lakeland to start a new job and life in a new community. LIFT, formerly CrossFit Lake Mirror, was crucial to my assimilation into the Lakeland community and the friends and acquaintances I made allowed me to see Lakeland as a community I would like to call home for a long time. LIFT pushed me to levels I didn't know possible and discovering CrossFit like workouts and weightlifting allowed me to discover something in myself I didn't know I had. It is undoubtedly the most empowering thing that I've ever experienced and been a part of. I've made hundreds of pounds in lifting gains, collectively, performed movements like box jumps and double unders I never thought possible, and have gained an incredible sense of confidence and esteem in what body is capable of. Being a part of LIFT has made me so much more aware and thankful for the body I've been given. Something I never had the self-esteem to appreciate before. My goals have changed over time and my abilities have too but regardless of what those may be, LIFT and what it allows me to do will remain a constant in my health regime for years to come.


Janel working on bar muscle up drills.



What her coaches have to say: Janel is a force to be reckoned with and it has been awesome being part of that. She lifts loudly, sometimes is too hard on herself, and loves dancing mid-workout just to take a smile break! She has worked so hard on getting her olympic lifting technique to catch up to her raw strength and she never quits, no matter how much running we program in a workout! We love her energy, her commitment, and her work ethic and can't wait to see where else all of that is going to take her...getting those bodyweight movements, nailing that lifting technique, and continuing her list of PRs!






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