Member's Story: Luisa Lozano

July 7, 2016

Luisa, all dressed up...something we don't get to see in the gym every day!



What Luisa has to say:

Dear LIFT,

I’m Luisa Fernanda Lozano, I’m 26 years old, and I’m from Colombia a beautiful country. I’m a PT and I have always liked health, good nutrition and sports. A year ago, I made the decision to come to USA to be with the man of my life and start a nice story. I have never been to a gym or Crossfit, nothing like that, but I have swum in my university team. When I lived in Bogota I rode a bike to work, and because I loved it. I love dance also, it’s an excellent and fun exercise..I think for my career it is very important that I know how to work out with healthy exercises. It helps me maintain my PT training. I don’t like normal gyms because it’s boring. I like challenges and different exercises, not only move a machine and work out 3 rep x 15. I’m very happy to work out in LIFT every day. The past year was great and I cannot wait for more years to come. And that is it. My hope is to be a big strong woman, to write a long story with my husband in this country, and to work. Also to have many friends and nice family. I started my life in this country very well thanks to all of my LIFT friends that I consider my family.


Luisa doing wallballs in during a workout.



What her coaches have to say: Everyone steps out of their comfort zone when joining a new gym, but Luisa came straight from Columbia with very little English and no existing family or friends nearby, aside from her husband. She's now been with us, and in the country, for just over a year and we've had the pleasure of being part of her growth in our language and her fitness. She has coined the phrase "just the bar" in the gym because for a long time, that's all she was confident in lifting. Now, with safe and solid lifting form, she loads up her bar with weights to challenge her strength and she keeps getting stronger, faster, and more skilled each day!






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