Member's Story: Adara Richter

July 5, 2016

Adara supporting her husband at competition.



What Adara has to say: I started at the gym because my husband made me. It was out of my comfort zone and I felt awkward for at least the first 3 months, but I noticed changes in my body that I liked including muscle tone, which I never really had before. Being a runner, I noticed changes in my running PRs, too. Mostly, what made me comfortable at the gym was a combination of the friends I made and the coaching I received. I never felt pushed to do anything I wasn't comfortable doing (as in something I feared injuring myself over) but I also did feel pushed to do what the coaches knew I was capable of and that brought on the positive change I was looking for. I feel much stronger. I sleep better and the commitment to this type of whole body fitness encourages me to eat healthier. I don't even crave soda. Occasionally, I crave junk food but there's a healthy understanding of balance in the gym that I appreciated. I keep coming back because I never leave feeling like I didn't get a good work out. I also keep coming back because I like seeing my friends and for that hour, I get to relieve any stress and focus on myself and my health. And most importantly, I keep coming back because the coaching is exactly what I need and is customized for my abilities. I think it says a lot for a gym that the coaches will provide a personal travel workout schedule for you based on a photo of the gym in your hotel. I wouldn't change where I work out for the world.


Adara getting ready for food prep for the week.



What her coaches have to say: We were so excited when Josh finally convinced Adara to come try out the gym. She was already a really fast runner and we couldn't wait to put some muscle on her. She has gotten so strong and confident in the last few years and it has been amazing watching her lifts get heavier, her form improve, and her push herself more each day! Right now, she is undergoing a full time job, a master's program, and still manages to cook and eat healthy while working out as often as she can. She always comes in with a pre-workout snack in hand, a quippy shirt, and encouraging energy!






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