Member's Story: Pablo Acosta

June 28, 2016

Pablo during a recent competition.



What Pablo has to say: After spending a majority of my years running races of varying distances including marathon and half marathons, I decided to take some time off from the fitness. Some time turned into over a year of eating and being sedentary. After noticing that my new life style was not healthy, I decided to get back into running. The problem that halted my motivation to train again was a lack in self discipline to go for long runs alone. After several weeks of not getting my groove back, I realized that I needed some help.

So, I began to do Crossfit. The first gym I joined was in Cape Coral FL. The decision to join was initially just to get me back into the swing of things until I found my self discipline again to begin running races again. That decision was over 2 years ago. After a year in Cape Coral my work brought me to Lakeland. Immediately after finding an apartment and getting settled I began to look for a gym being worried about falling back into a sedentary/unhealthy lifestyle. After not feeling the “magic” in other gyms in Lakeland, I found LIFT.

The coaches at LIFT immediately welcomed me into the gym with a smile and a firm hand shake (something that this New Yorker needs to trust someone). The programming is thoughtful and the people are awesome. Immediately I found a lot of the members share similar senses of humor, which is important to get you through workouts that leave you with significant shortness of breath. Something excellent happens when a group of people share physical stress and humor. They make strong bonds that are difficult to break.

I continue to participate in LIFT because of the amazing individuals that I share elevated heart rates with. Also, because I refuse to succumb to being unhealthy. Above all things in life, health is the most important, and at LIFT, all aspects of health are addressed. Challenges also keep me coming back. Although I struggle with an old shoulder injury, the coaches and I always think of ways to over come obstacles in order to complete work outs the best way possible. All at LIFT have become like family to my wife and I, and I will always appreciate the coaches and members for their support in my quest to stay happy and healthy.


Pablo, barefoot as usual, with his competition team.



What his coaches have to say: Pablo brings great energy to the gym's atmosphere, along with supportive care and knowledge about the human body that come in handy when we're working out. He is truly two sides of a coin: a to-the-point New Yorker with an almost brash sense of humor on one side and a selfless caregiver just trying to raise everyone's quality of life on the other. Working out with him is especially fun when he distracts everyone from the struggle with a funny remark or crazy dance moves mid-workout. We have enjoyed every day with Pablo in the gym, watching him grow, improve, and bring others along for the ride.






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