Workouts for Week of May 16 - 21

May 14, 2016




3x8 Paused Back Squats


For Time w/ 8:00 Cap:

500 Meter Row Buy In To:

3 Rounds of:

15 Toes to Bar

30 Double Unders



Weighted Strict Pull-ups


For Time with 15:00 cap*: (all lifts at - 95/65, 135/95, 155/105 OR 75% of snatch max)

40 Deadlifts

30 Power Clean

20 Shoulder to Overhead

10 Power Snatches


*this is Fenrir's Mayhem prep -

if you're signed up, let's do this as close to what you'll do at competition if the class allows


Bench Press


AMRAP - 8:00 if individual, 10:00 if team of 2, 12:00 if team of 3:

Buy in for each partner, one partner at a time - 100' Hammer Run

3 burpee bar muscle ups (or 10 burpee pull ups)

20 Hammer Strikes (10 L, 10 R)


-Split reps up as you want, but every team member must do at least 1 of each movement each round

& tag ins are required!

*this is Fenrir's Mayhem prep - if you're signed up, try to do it with your team/individually if the class allows


Deadlift 5x5@70%



All At 75% Your Most Recent Snatch Max

8:00 EMOM - Snatch

8:00 EMOM - 2 Overhead Squats (from rack)


8:00 AMRAP As A Class: Slamball Over The Bar

*There will be one slamball of each available weight.

One class member will throw a slamball of their choice of weight over the bar while everyone else is in a forearm plank hold.

Every weight must be thrown to one side before the class may begin throwing the balls back

- Example: once the 15# ball is thrown, it cannot be thrown again until all other balls have been thrown. Every class member must throw once before repeating back through people.

The ball cannot be thrown unless everyone is in a plank.

Total number of completed throws is your class' score.


Saturday - FREE 9am Class 

5 Rounds of 1:00 Stations:

Bent Over Rows

Wall Balls

Single Unders





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