Meet our coaches...Kayla Hull

March 16, 2016

My athletic/coaching background: 

I started gymnastics when I was about 6 and quickly moved up to the competitive team. From then until I graduated high school, I spent every afternoon from 3:30 until at least 8:30 in the gym. On weekends, we either had practice or competition. During the summers, and after I had to give competitive gymnastics up, I coached rec classes and formed my own intro-to-team program and have been coaching some kind of activity ever since. 


My diet:


I loathe when people ask me what I eat, because I know they're expecting a motivational answer like green smoothies, chicken and rice, or something they've seen advertised. I'm the worst example. When I DO watch what I eat, I avoid carb-y alcohols (I'll take my scotch neat, thanks) and I log macros I calculate through flexible dieting. Because I grew up working out so much, I always ate whatever and however much I wanted to. In middle school, they called me the "garbage disposal" because I would go around and finish people's lunches. It's starting to become a struggle now that I'm getting older, but I'd rather just add more activity to my days than have to REALLY watch my food intake. 


Why don't I compete more often:

Maybe it's because I grew up competing every weekend and I got sick of it, but competing in fitness competitions isn't very appealing to me. It's getting up early, driving far away somewhere, asking if I can compete without shoes on, getting weird glances or a stern "no", adjusting to shoes, and then by the end of the weekend, the last thing I want to do is hit the gym on Monday. Don't get me wrong, once I'm there, I love it...the pressure, the rush, the extra push you give, what you learn about your body. However, I love the longevity of fitness and, not that you can't have that when you compete, but I like my weekly routine with a nice weekend of workout recovery and rest.






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