Meet our coaches...Robert Hull

March 15, 2016


Robert is a great coach because of the combination of self-experimentation, years as a trainer, and passion for improving the lives of everyone around him. As much as he enjoys working out with the competitive athletes, he loves getting beginners started with lifts, skills, and what/how much to eat.


Robert used to be a pretty big guy, his heaviest weighing in at 220# (at a height of 5'6").  Robert's body composition has fluctuated for the past few years as he experimented with the best nutrition approach for his body, schedule, and exercise regimen.

He started his journey to health by losing weight with running and cutting out alcohol and obvious unhealthy foods (fast food, dessert, second helpings, etc.) He then experimented with different fitness and eating plans. He went through a "squat & deadlift heavy and drink a gallon of milk a day" phase (no, he never actually finished the whole gallon in one day), he's eaten in blocks from "The Zone" diet, he briefly ate Paleo, and has now found that tracking his macros with flexible dieting works the best for him. If his body fat dips too low or rises too high for peak daily performance, or if he feels sluggish or weak, he knows his body well enough to adjust his eating accordingly. (He loves helping everyone else on Flexible Dieting tweak their macros as well!)


He has no real athletic background to speak of, so every movement he does in the gym, he learned from the ground up as an adult...which makes his handstand pushups, muscle ups, and walking on his hands all the more impressive. It also makes him a great coach for the beginner, starting on step one with them and teaching a good foundation. Just look out...once you PR or get that skill you've been working on, you're in for a "Coach Robert Celebration" - a hilarious spectacle of coach pride. 








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