Meet our coaches...Aaron Hull

February 5, 2016


Aaron is one of the most precise heavy lifters in the gym, practicing incredible form every time. "I started out snatching 95#, it took me about a year to work my way to 135#, and now 135 is almost a warm-up weight." He loves overhead squats and handstand push-ups.


When he first started, he was using fitness to get away from drugs and an unhealthy/dangerous lifestyle. He (along with Robert Hull & sometimes Kayla Hull) would train the workouts in Lifestyle Family Fitness...we got a lot of weird looks back then!


Now, you can find him working out with the 4:30pm class & coaching a few days a week in the afternoons & Saturday mornings. His favorite movement to coach is the deadlift: "To me, it's the most basic yet functional lift we teach. It's almost like I've changed that person's life forever because from that point on they have the knowledge about how to pick something up off of the ground without hurting themselves."



Outside of the gym, he's very interested in all aspects of food: growing it, the behind-the-scenes of serving it in the Florida Southern cafeteria, and of course, eating it. He even has his BS in Nutrition & Dietetics! "I like marshmallows and peanut butter. I also like beets and broccoli." Anddd he makes a mean cheesecake.


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