Meet our coaches...Matt Davis

February 4, 2016


Matt has been with us for a LONG time, starting out as a regular member and participant of the running club. He's got some of the strongest legs I've ever seen, but they pack speed, too. He can squat heavy, air squat fast, and sprint extremely well. He's also great to watch when he's learning and drilling skills because he takes one step at a time and only moves on when he knows his body is primed for it - making him great at step-by-step coaching. 


Matt is always learning from what he sees, so it was no surprise when he showed an interest in coaching. He's got a great eye for detail and critique, often coming up with new ways to say helpful tips. There have been several occasions where after a few minutes with Matt, someone PRs or achieves a skill they've been working and just couldn't quite get. He's got the gift of the missing link...if you catch him analyzing your movement, make sure you talk to him about what he sees!


One of the best qualities in Matt, though, is how well-rounded of an athlete he is. While coaching, he can usually break something down and compare it to an outside sport or movement. He is currently pursuing a Black Belt, has a coaching certification in recreational tennis, manages a soccer team (after playing for years), skydives, wakeboards, and that's just to name a few things he does outside of the gym!

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