Day 11 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 11, 2016


Today's task: Add more protein to your meals.


Why: Almost no one eats enough protein. Everyone should be eating somewhere around their lean body mass total in grams of protein a day. Protein is found in many food sources: meat, certain vegetables, beans and legumes, dairy, fish, etc. It is not just a powder for guys to mix in a shaker bottle and consume for ginormous muscles. Protein is key to a healthy functioning body and not eating enough of it speeds up the aging process by reducing your body's ability to regenerate to the fullest.


To make this a permanent solution: Find foods that you enjoy that are high in protein and add them into your diet. To take this a step further, figure out how much you personally need to be consuming and track it daily. (The baseline of how much you should be eating is [your body weight - your body fat = grams of protein daily] and if you're trying to gain muscle, you actually needa little more than that.)

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