Day 10 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 10, 2016


Today's task: Go for a walk and reflect on the last 8 days. Did you do every day's challenge? Have you been including them every day so far? Have you been checking in with your accountability partner and have they been a good conscience for you?


To make this a permanent solution: Regular reflection is key to assessing what you've accomplished, where you are now, and which way will take you forward from here. This is NOT a time to feel guilty about what you didn't do - absolutely do NOT beat yourself up if you still have your candy jar at work or you parked in the closest spot at the grocery store yesterday. This is a time to make changes, if needed, praise yourself for what you've accomplished, and note where you failed. 


Accept that you are human and aim to do better this week.

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