Day 6 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 6, 2016


Today's task: Smile for 30 seconds straight at least once today - try to make it genuine by thinking of something that makes you happy.


To make this a permanent solution: Make this a routine habit - at the end of your lunch break, right after you brush your teeth in the morning, as you are walking from your car into work, if you're having an absolutely horrible moment at work, etc. Smile at strangers; they'll wonder what's wrong with you!


Why: Smiling fires happy signals in your brain and studies have shown that even amongst a not-so-happy situation, by smiling, you can actually make yourself feel happy. Happiness, like sleep, is an overlooked component of health. Happiness forces stress out of the body and all the negativity stress brings with it, including lack of sleep, stress eating, depressively not eating, etc. 

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