Workouts for Week of Jan 4 - 9

January 3, 2016

Gym Goal: 75 minutes in a 3-point (two hands, one foot or one hand, two feet) plank hold. Make sure to even yourself out (i.e. don't always lift your left leg every time).

1:00/day/person should suffice.



Warm-Up w/ 8 of each:
jumping jacks, inchworm pushups, step lunges, air squats, hollow to arch rolls

200 Meter Run

Group Barbell Warm-Up

12:00 To Work up to max of:
Clean high pull + Hang clean + Split jerk

At 14:00, use 60% of max lifting and do 1:00 AMRAP Clean and Jerk

- 3:00 Transition Time -

12:00 AMRAP:
200 Meter Run
12 Step Down Box Jumps

*Pace to keep moving the entire time, saving a bit of speed for the very end to sprint to the finish.

- 3:00 Transition Time -

Group Stretching Session



Warm-Up w/ PVC TABATA 
pass thrus, split good mornings, side to side lunges, ohs, snatch balance


Group Barbell WarmUp

12:00 To Work up to Max of:
Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch

At 14:00, 4 Rounds of:
:30 Max Effort Toes Through Rings (UB if able)
:30 rest

- 8:00 Transition Time -

9-7-5 For Time (14:00 Time cap)

Modest Mouse:
Strict Pullups
Ring Pushups
Hang Squat Snatch @ 70% max lifting

Adapting & Aspiring:
Strict Chest to bar Pullups
Ring Dips (use a box if needed)
Squat Snatch @ 70% max lifting

Competitive Edge:
Muscle Ups
Squat Snatch 135/95#

Recovery @ 14:00:
200 Meter Walk
Foam smash lats 2:00/side



Warm-Up for 15:00:

12 Calorie Row
Box Shoulder Stretch 2x:15 w/ arms Crossed
Wall Squat Dodgeball Balancer
Squat warm-up

15:00 For:
5 x 3 Front Squats + 6 back Squats
(start at 75% 1 RM Front Squat, add weight each set ideally)

At 17:00, 3 Rounds of:
:30 Max Effort Strict C2B Chin Ups
:30 Rest

- 9:00 Transition Time -

5 Rounds For Time (16:00 Cap) @ 155/110# OR 65% of C&J Max:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Recovery @ 16:00:
Pass The Peanut - peanut forearms & triceps
While waiting on a peanut, foam smash quads one leg at a time
Repeat Wall Squat Dodgeball Balancer



Group Stretching Session

Using one kettlebell and one dumbbell of close but unequal weight:

3 Rounds at conversational pace/155 bpm on heart rate monitor:
50' Uneven Farmer's Carry Walking Lunges
:20 Arch Hang (weighted with your dumbbell if able)
25 Weighted Barbell Glute Bridges @ roughly 50% Snatch max
:20 Handstand Hold facing wall at 30 degrees

Repeat Group Stretching Session

Use extra class time for play or skill work.



PVC Pass Thrus & Good Mornings

Banded Bent Over Knee Lockouts Each Leg

Inchworm Pushups Forward& Backward

Arch Hold & Hollow Hold


20:00 for 5X9 Deadlifts

- increase weight each set if able, double overhand grip and unbroken

You will stay with weights that you have/can use in a workout.


- 5:00 Transition & Slamball OTS Demo -


1:00 On, 1:00 Rest Burpee Pacing Test: Perform on coach's count:

Every :10 (6)

Every :08 (8)

Every :06 (10)

Every :04 (15)

All Out


At 10:00, 5:00 AMRAP:

12 Slamball Over The Shoulders (20/15#, alternate shoulders)

12 Burpees (at a pace from above)


Recovery w/ Running Clock:

Doorframe stretch 2:00/arm w/ C/R

Hard Roller Smash Hamstrings 2:00/leg

Wall Squat Dodgeball Balancer 2:00

Saturday  - FREE 9AM CLASS

Group Warm-Up

For Time:
30 Seated Clean & Jerks (95/65#)

5 Rounds w/ a Partner*:

5 Chin ups
10 Diamond Push ups
15 Feet Together Squats

*Partner a does their chinups, Partner b does their chinups, Partner a does their pushups, Partner b does their pushups, Partner a does their squats, Partner b does their squats.

200 Meter Walk
Couch stretch 2:00/side
Foam Smash lats 2:00/side

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