Day 1 - Forget Resolutions, Create Permanent Solutions

January 1, 2016


Today's task: Write down what about your current state of health makes you unhappy. Then, write down what would make you happy. 


To make this a permanent solution: Get specific. People often want to improve their health, but "improve" needs to be set as something specific we can strive for and recognize when we achieve it. 


Some examples:


I breathe heavy on my way into work. I want to make it across the parking lot without feeling like it's a workout. 


I don't like that I have to wear a size 12 now when I used to be an 8. I want to be a size 8 again.


I never seem to feel completely awake. I want to feel more energized. 


I don't exercise. I want to commit to an exercise routine I look forward to every day. 

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