New Year - Forget the resolutions, instill permanent solutions!

December 31, 2015


Every year, we start off with resolutions to be better people. Most of the time, a promise to strive for better health is involved: join a gym, eat better, start running, drink more water, etc. And every year, we let ourselves down by not sticking to whatever we planned on.


One problem with these resolutions is that we want a BIG change all at once: dropping a bad habit cold turkey, picking up a new habit full swing, etc.


But little things are what matter. They add up and produce the real and lasting changes we need to live healthier every single day. They are the gateway to the bigger and better changes. So...



This year, I'm proposing to ditch the list of resolutions and tackle a 31-day challenge to make a lot of little changes in your daily life.

Each day, I'll post one small, you'll probably be like "psshh, that's all I have to do today," healthy change you can make.

I want every day to be so easy that you WILL include it into your day. Just because it is that easy does not mean it isn't making a difference. And they will increasingly become a little more difficult as the month goes on, don't worry. 


At the end of January, you will have 31 tweaks in your tool belt to improve your health. 

And, you will still be on track toward a healthier you.

You won't have to worry about the guilt that goes with abandoning resolutions.

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