Workouts for Week of Aug 17th - 22nd

August 16, 2015

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This was Josh Richter January of this year. During a frisbee match, he went down on the field, hearing a loud pop from his knee. He tried to continue life as normal, thinking it would resolve itself if he took things easy. It didn't. Not long after, he went for a snatch - a very light snatch as he was being cautious - and collapsed again. After a doctor visit, he found out he needed surgery. He had the surgery and spent the next several weeks in pain, relying on others for basic needs, and rehabbing. Josh is the kind of guy who takes care of everyone else and doesn't hold back when he's doing anything. Watching him go months in a state of constant, hesitant testing - Can I make it up the stairs by myself? Can I put weight on my foot? Can I go all day without a heavy painkiller? - was difficult. As much as I give this guy a hard time, I hope I never have to see him so mentally and physically defeated ever again. 

This is Josh last Friday, 8 & 1/2 months post surgery, after months of going slower than his mind wanted to, going lighter than his arms and good knee could, and sucking up his pride every workout. He and his new knee snatched his pre-surgery PR. As much of a physical accomplishment this is, I am astounded by how he mentally handled this lift. He just...lifted it. There was no hesitation, no second guessing. There was no "holy crap, I'm walking up to weight I wasn't guaranteed to hit when I had both of my original knees." He just pulled it, stood it up, and went "aaaand I just matched my pre-knee PR" just like that. I can't believe I'm putting this in writing (for those of you who hear Josh and I go back and forth in the gym, you understand) but I admire the confidence and mental strength Josh exhibits every day he walks into my gym and can't wait to see his new knee hit new PRs.



10:00 for -- 5X1 Paused Snatch First Pull + 1 Paused Snatch (3 count pauses at knee & in bottom) – stay below 85% and concentrate on pausing in a perfect hang position

10:00 for -- 5X1 Push Jerk (with 3 count hold in landing position) + 2 Jerk Grip OHS – work to a max for the complex

8:00 AMRAP of:

Modest Mouse:
8 Box Push-Ups
8 Ring Rows
8 Knee Tucks

Adapting & Aspiring:
:20 Handstand Hold
4 Box Rope Climbs (as high as possible)

Competitive Edge:
8 Strict HSPU
1 Rope Climb

On own time:
4X8 Weighted Glute Ham Raise
– heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.


10:00 for -- 5X1 Paused Clean First Pull + 1 Paused Clean (3 count pauses at knee & in bottom) – stay below 85% and concentrate on pausing in a perfect hang position

10:00 for -- 5X3 Push Jerk Behind The Neck In Split (with 3 count overhead hold in split) – stay below 85% and concentrate on weight being distributed evenly in the overhead split position

For total reps:
5 Rounds of Alternating TABATA:

6′ Target Burpees
Hang Clean & Push Jerk @ 50% 1 Rep Max C&J

-- Rest 2:00 --

5 Rounds of Alternating TABATA:

Hand Release Push-ups
Pull-ups/Chest-to-bars/Bar Muscle-Ups



5-count descent Front Squats:
1X3@70%, 1X3@75%, 2X3@80%, 1X2@85%
– based on 1rm Front Squat, rest 90 sec.

For time:

Modest Mouse:
Run 400m
30 Ring Rows
30 Sit-ups
Run 400m

Adapting & Aspiring:
Run 800m
30 Pull-ups (band if needed)
30 V-ups
Run 800m

Competitive Edge:
Run 800m
15 Muscle-Ups (can do banded transitions)
Run 800m

*done on April 13th

On own time:
3X:20 Nose & Toes Handstand Hold
3X8 Handstand Steps onto 15# or 25# plate
*to scale: perform these drills on a box



14:00 To Establish 1 Rep Max Turkish Getup for Each Arm

At conversational pace, switch hands halfway:
150m Uneven Kettlebell Farmer's Carry (18&26/35&44/53&62)
50' Uneven Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunges (10&15/20&25/30&35)
150m Backwards Run
150m Uneven Dumbbell Overhead Carry (10&15/20&25/30&35)
50' Uneven Kettlebell Farmer's Carry Walking Lunges (18&26/35&44/53&62)
150m Backwards Run
150m Run
50' Walking Lunges
150m Backwards Run

*weight scalings MM/AA/CE:



EMOM for 7:00-

2 Behind the neck Snatch Presses + 3 Hang Snatches
(from power position, full squat if able)
-- go to heaviest possible

10:00* to complete:

Modest Mouse:
75 Tuck Jumps
75 Wall Balls 14/10# to any height

Adapting & Aspiring:
75 Double-Unders (or attempts)
75 Wall Balls 20/14# to 9'

Competitive Edge:
150 Double-Unders
75 Wall Balls 20/14# to 10'

*With the remainder of the 10:00 complete max reps of:

Hang Power Snatches 75/55#

Power Snatches 95/65#

Power Snatches 135/95#

Saturday's FREE 9am Community Class

EMOM for 7:00-

2 Strict Press in Clean bottom + 3 Hang Cleans (from power position, full squat if able)

For time, 15-12-9 of:

Modest Mouse:
Power Cleans 85/55#
Box Dips

Adapting & Aspiring:
Power Cleans 125/85#
Ring Dips (band if necessary)

Competitive Edge:
Power Cleans 165/115#
Weighted Ring Dips 20/10#


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